An immersive digital painting that depicts the grandeur of the Mali Empire at its zenith. This historical masterpiece captures bustling markets overflowing with gold, textiles, and salt, alongside intricate mud-brick mosques reflecting the empire's architectural brilliance. The streets teem with life, as people of diverse cultures mingle, and royal guards parade, reflecting the empire's military might. In the distance, the majestic Niger River winds through lush vegetation, supporting the empire's agrarian economy. The vibrancy and richness of African colors, textures, and patterns should shine through in every detail. Render this in a cinematic, photorealistic style with dramatic lighting in a 16:9 aspect ratio, using Midjourney version 5.1, with the highest possible quality setting.

African empires were powerful and influential states that existed across the continent from ancient times to the colonial era. These empires were characterized by their rich cultural heritage, advanced political systems, and economic prosperity. They played a significant role in shaping Africa’s history and contributed to the development of various civilizations.

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