Ancient Africa — Fully Explained: Geography, Prehistory, Early History and the Rise of Its Civilizations

To truly understand the present, one must understand the past. And that past begins with Africa. And this book.

“A must buy for anyone interested in African or human history as a whole”.

The Ancient history of Africa can be thought of as a history of beginnings, for it is in Africa that the human story first begins. Although we do not yet know how this human story ends, it is a story with many of its chapters having already been written:
How did Africa get its name, shape, rivers and languages?
What was life like for the very first humans?
How did these humans end up leaving Africa?
Why did our ancestors start farming and raising livestock?
How does the story of metals relate to the story of civilization?
How did the very first African civilizations come to be?
How did Ancient Africa influence the wider world?

These are but a few of the questions that this book answers.



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